What to Wear Wednesday – Summer Wardrobe

What to Wear Wednesday is back!

With summer quickly approaching and fall will surely be here before we know it, I thought we would bring back What to Wear Wednesday! The Pina Family will get us started with their perfectly-coordinated summer look! Love the bright bold colors everyone is wearing. Notice they went bold- not neon. The bright colors bring your eye right to the subject of the photographs and helps bring out the bright colors of the location! Notice that everyone is matching yet no one is dressed the same. I know that is the tricky part, but it is essential in a great wardrobe. You can’t see it in this image, but the girls even have coordinating nail polish! Love that they planned everything down to the last detail!

Stop by here to see more from their family session.

what to wear katy texas

Check out these great places for the perfect summer wardrobe for your upcoming session

Charming Charlie (with a perfectly color-coordinated store, this is a great place to start planning what to wear and get color palette ideas)



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