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 What to Wear Wednesday!

Nothing says summer like bright colors, and I love the way this combination of bright blues and purples photographed perfectly with the green grass at this location in Katy, Texas. As a family photographer, I always advise my summer clients to find bright and bold colors to wear for their child or family sessions.

Things to remember:

don’t forget about your feet- unless we are going barefoot for your session, find some nice matching shoes

keep undergarments hidden, if your bra strap is showing in a photo, there’s very little chance I am able to remove during my post-processing

keep in mind that we will be outdoors when planning how to do your hair (wind and humidity are always a possibility in Texas)

Things to avoid:

neon colors as they will reflect onto your skin

large logos or lettering, it can be very distracting

dressing the entire family in the exact same color



Katy Texas Photographer

Check out these stores for great finds for the whole family:


Old Navy

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