How to take better everyday photos- Part 3

The last of my three part series on taking better everyday photos….

Part One here.

Part Two here.

Part 3


There are a lot of ways to get your kids to smile when you are taking pictures of them. From candid photos to planned portraits… you want to get a real, engaging smile that doesn’t looked forced! Kids have a short attention span, so make it fun and make it fast!

Today I grabbed my daughter and tested out my theories so you can see for yourself. Which of these methods got the most natural smile?

Since my daughter is no stranger to a camera, first I told her “smile for the camera”

newborn child kids photographer katy texas
I got a smile, so it worked.. but if you look at her eyes, she looks pretty bored.
Next, I told her “cheese” and I got this “cheesy” fake smile.newborn child kids photographer katy texas
Instead of “cheese” try asking them to repeat something fun, something they LOVE… like.. say… PIZZA!newborn child kids photographer katy texasThat was MUCH better, right?
Another tip- give THEM control. If your child is getting bored with the camera, let them have some say in the matter. Here, I told her, “now what should we say?” Her choice- SURPRISE! Look what a FUN engaging face I got….
newborn child kids photographer katy texas
And when you’re talking “fun” with toddlers, you can’t forget the fart jokes! I have yet to meet a toddler who doesn’t laugh and loosen up when I start blaming farts on them, or even better… on Mom or Dad!
newborn child kids photographer katy texas
Last but certainly not least, tickle them…
newborn child kids photographer katy texas


So next time you grab your camera, skip the “cheese” and try some of these tips!


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